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1) quite simply: pussy
2) in spanish it means point
1) i'm lonely. i need some punto.
2) dos puntos para tu. (2 points for you)
by Herb Blazeman May 20, 2006
333 173
A cunt.
He's such a punto!

What a punto!

Everything was going well until that punto showed up.
by Dwn96 December 05, 2013
2 3
1. a utility infielder
2. fast
1. Nick Punto is the best baseball player in the game.
2. Nick Punto can steal a base before the ball crosses the plate.
by Steve Schwinger April 14, 2004
81 190
Your homie, your boy!
Hey Punto, get over her & do a keg stand with the rest of us!
by Angie January 15, 2004
69 184
the express train on the Broad Street Line.
yo lets catch the punto, itll get us to the cit faster.
by Joe April 16, 2004
41 158
Someone who is obsessed with the cock dresses like a cock for halloween and smells like one,in other words they are a cock.
Greg D. vagina changed his name to Gred D. Cockmaster, what a Punto.
by mojo April 24, 2003
52 172
the act of eating out someones ass.
tonite im going to have a punto party.
by mojo April 23, 2003
25 168