When someone has scabs all over their face, it likes like they stuck their face in a box of bees.
Damn, that meth-head looks like he got hit int he face with a box of bees!!!
#scabs #meth face #crank face #tweek face #buckshot face
by Steve Courter February 18, 2008
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Top Definition
An easy to assemble kit used to construct a beehive. Has to be placed in an open and natural area where there are a lot of flowering plants, and comes with a queen bee and other bees. The container buzzes since it contains live bees. Best to have a bee expert assist.
Mike: "Honey, I just ordered that box of bees online."

Ann: "Great! In a few months, we'll have our own organic honey."
#bee #bees #beehive #kit #honey #online #farming #organic #flower #nature
by yes juanito yes March 17, 2015
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