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(bow-sh) a negative adjective used to describe someone or somethig which is rather unpleasant, nerdy, ugly or smelly.
'mike's hair looks quite BOWSH today'

'that kid is the biggest BOWSH i know'

'i cant believe you hooked up with ruth...she is absolutely BOWSH'

'Sian have you just farted? cause it smells BOWSH'
by rhys&cai May 06, 2007
started being used in the late 90s.
used by scallies basically meaning cool, or "big time"
anything good happens... they say yaa bowsh!
is your new car any good?

"yaa bowsh"
by hursty April 08, 2004
excitement and joy
ex.1 yea im bowsh
by ryan caceres June 16, 2009
it is used to describe another persons looks, if they are attractive or the fact that you would sleep with them, applies to both sexes
girl 1 : have you seen that new lad
girl 2 : ye id bowsh him

lad 1: aww that girl is fit as fuck mate
lad 2: yea shes well bowshable
by baby-angel April 27, 2006

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