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When a girl puts your dick between her two elbows and rubs them together leading to you deriving pleasure from the angular and robust texture of the elbows. This is an especially ratchet form of sexual intimacy that is enjoyed by appallingly depraved individuals. Note: lesbians cannot give/receive 'bow jobs because two elbows don't fit in a vagina. The 'bow in an abbreviation of elbow and made so to make the term sound similar to "blow job."
Sammy: Hey Jimmy how'd your date with Tammy go?
Jimmy: Pretty sweet dude. I took her to the reservoir then she gave me a 'bow job behind the hardware store.
Sammy: Man I wish Ladasha would give me a 'bow job but she's saving her elbows for marriage.
by Pussy Annihalator April 28, 2013
Extremely tall woman who have to bow deeply, to be able to give a good blowjob.

“Margareth is so extremely tall that she has to bow deeply in order to be able to suck his cock. It seems more like a bowjob to me!
by Ronald R.J. Cools December 15, 2007
Using the inside of the elbow as a substitute for a hand while masturbating.
"That was quite a vigorous bow job she just gave me!"

"My hands are sore, I'll just have a bow job."
by The Bow Master May 02, 2010
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