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the best last name in the world.
dallas bowditch
clare bowditch
two amazing human beings
by dallaslea February 05, 2008
Someone who likes to bend over on the edge of roads whilst, physically, sexually and emotionally degrading themselves.
Did you see John next to the old road near the farm? He was being such a bowditch
by truthspeaker123+321 November 18, 2011
To graciously invite, then only to dupe.
iPhone Subscriber: It said no upfront fee, then they charged me double the monthly rate on the second month!

Citizen: The ole bait and switch!

iPhone Subscriber: Real Bowditch!
by Genesis Adam November 29, 2010
1) A painful fungal growth on the inside of a person's eyelids, usually accompanied with painful discharging of blue pus. Highly contagious.

2) A small mammal found predominantly in South Wales valleys, notable for its large eyes and bushy tail. Nests mainly in dark and damp ditches.
1) "I caught Bowditch from John. It's so painful. I've just been to the doctor and he prescribed me some penicillin".

2) "The Bowditch is a secretive creature, famed for its short lifespan and prodigious libido".
by Ingus Parlance June 23, 2009
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