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A person who licks clit or sucks dick.
'I ain't a bowcat,I don't like the smell.'
by Lisa January 13, 2004
when a male licks the female gential
i wanna eat ur pussy
cos i'm i bowcat
by lyrical August 03, 2006
pussy licker AKA going down on a gal.
Are you gona bow cat me, then?
by lil saint March 29, 2005
when a man eats a girl/woman's cake
by jv February 06, 2003
pussy sucker!
bun bow cat
by rastastamina March 06, 2004
its basically going down on a woman. (not bow cap that was typographical error) and the word is of jamaican origin
she never climaxes so he finds himself giving her bow cat to please her.
by qleyo February 14, 2004
also spelt bocat

a bowcat is a derogatory term used to refer to one who performs cunnilingus
That boy's a bowcat. Stay away from him
by .m1nx. May 29, 2006