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something mankind can't live without unless your gay..
gay people still need women if they want children
women make a man complete
halle berry sexy women attracts lots of men
beyounce very sexy women could have any man in the world
by lyrical August 03, 2006
when a male licks the female gential
i wanna eat ur pussy
cos i'm i bowcat
by lyrical August 03, 2006
Portugese 20years old
A footballing genius
1 of Man uniteds star players
Myb a football legend aswell
a player who the english fan want to blame 4 the world cup exit instead of facing the fact that they didn't desereve to go any futher in the world cup because they aren't good enough or didn't play good enough to get to the semi-finals
Cristiano ronaldo skills are buffling
by lyrical August 03, 2006
lloyd banks g-unit's best lyricist/rapper n also the youngest member of g-unit an up n coming star of the rap game
he was falsly accused of appearing in gay video but it was just a look-alike it wasn't really him

they call me banks a.k.a young money
myb b young but don't take me 4 no dummy
lloyd banks i'm dat nigga
fuk wit me i'll pull that trigga
by lyrical August 03, 2006
An English 20years old liverpudlian
man united's star player
England's talesmen
n future legend of football
ladies i present a footballing genius wayne rooney
by lyrical August 03, 2006

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