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A classification of a South Beach drag queen with an NFL fetish.
"The Bouve really took a keen awareness of the tight derriers among the orange and aqua clad gladiators."
by Chalkie April 01, 2003
4 2
A person who sexually fixates on a professional sports player.
He pulled a bouve when he whipped off a batch to a Ricky Willaims poster.
by Bouve April 01, 2003
1 1
The stalker that has been watching me the last year since I've come to Miami. He leaves me flowers and naked pictures of himself.
Ricky Williams at an interview: " I have a Bouve after me!"
by Ricky Williams April 01, 2003
1 2
to wrongfuly make claims
Jayson Blair is a bouve
by Greise's dog June 06, 2003
1 3
simply amazing
Ricky Williams is Bouve
by DBZFan2K April 01, 2003
1 3
The sound it makes when I stick it in your mother's bum

(see MUA)
by anonymous April 01, 2003
1 6