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A type of landmine characterized by its detonation only when pressure that has been placed on it has been released. After release, the mine springs into the air spewing shrapnel in all directions.
The private stepped on the bouncing betty and took out the whole platoon.
by The Professor November 07, 2003
When a girl gives a guy a handjob so long and hard that the skin on the penis becomes raw and bleeds. AKA Bouncing B.
Dude I can barely walk today because my girlfriend gave me a bouncing betty last night!
by Whsbnd December 13, 2009
antipersonnel mine that springs from the ground, spinning and exploding, after being tripped.
The bouncing betty shredded the soldier who was on point.
by Steve Craton November 07, 2003
ground emplaced mine that shoots into the air before it blows up at head-level for maximum fatality.
that bouncing betty got bobby's head
by random fucker November 07, 2003
A booby-trap used by the NVA and VC in the Vietnam war. When a soldier tripped a wire, one of these shot up and exploded his torsoe.
He got taken out by a bouncin' betty.
by hobbes October 08, 2003
Bouncing Betty- 1. an old flame or ex-girlfriend that never let go who pops up stirs up all kinds of old crap then disappears, an emotional land mine that pops up out of the bush to chest level and sprays shrapnel.
2. a woman or ex girlfriend who just bounces in and out of one's life
These are best spotted and disarmed prior to explosion. The best way to do this is to leave them under a BIG rock.
Bra I got this Bouncing Betty who lost her virginity to me who keeps popping up and telling me she's in a miserable abusive relationship.

Bra I have had this Bouncing Betty that I have been friends with for years, but we only talk when she's going through some shit with her old man.
by nineuvcps June 16, 2010
A really annoying device in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

It is essentially a claymore, but harder to spot and escape. In other words, the perfect noob weapon.
Aw man, All of these bouncing bettys are really annoying the crap out of me.
by w4tnryetmetu November 21, 2011
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