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The complete opposite of an "Emo" person. They are extemely optimistic and happy. Instead of killing themselves they enjoy killing others. They are popular for their conservative looks and will do anything to conform. They listen to emotionless music un-emotionally and enjoy playing up-to date video-game consoles. Other hobbies include having fun, hanging out with friends, meeting new people, having a sun shiny day!
Emo: My life sucks...

Ome: Life is like so totally super perfectly super duper awesome-like!
#emo #happy #person #cliche #stereotype
by Hobbes April 13, 2006
A booby-trap used by the NVA and VC in the Vietnam war. When a soldier tripped a wire, one of these shot up and exploded his torsoe.
He got taken out by a bouncin' betty.
by hobbes October 08, 2003
Splurch means exactly as it sounds. When a comtainer or something of the like is crushed and it oozes.
Oh, nasty! That splurched everywhere!

Ah reckon that there's astartin, to splurch.
by Hobbes October 07, 2003
(noun) a same sex orgy. comes from a combination of the word gay and orgy.
<jacques> my ass hurt a lot from last night...
<francois> cause you were the center of the gorgy.
<jacques> it was fun though.
#gay #orgy #porn #jacques #francois
by hobbes April 09, 2006
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