term used for a tester that is used for testing metalic hardness
a metal ball drops downward and pings the metal to be tested.Thus why its called the bouncing betty
#metallurgy #hardness #testing #brinell #hrc
by roket94 December 19, 2008
A girl named Betty with big (.Y.) Typically wears no bra.
That Bouncing Betty is a hottie!
by MwiKaKaKa November 07, 2003
A sweet-looking gal who hides that she's a natural man-eater. A woman who works relationships and men over, for her own benefit.
Willis: "I'm tellin' you. Watch out for her... she looks nice, but she'll do you in. She's a Bouncing Betty"
Arnold: "Whatchootalkin'bout, Willis?"
Willis: "Boom!"
by Paul Pangrazzi November 07, 2003
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