Really is green day's best song, on american idiot anyway. Also one of the best songs I have ever heard.
No, that is not the only song I have heard from that cd. I also like Holiday, Jesus of suburbia, whatsername, and letterbomb.
by Adrian June 06, 2005
Classic example of piss poor american "music". Whiney and lamegasmic to the most extreme definition of those words. Only listened to by whiney losers and posers. Not anything a person with taste would listen to or reccomend under any circumstance.

Trust me, this song was not "ruined by the radio" its a tacky and worthless piece of imposter "music" written by talentless whiney losers.
Loser: i love boulevard of broken dreams!

Intelligant person with taste: GO LISTEN TO REAL MUSIC!!!!
by the wise among us October 27, 2006
A great song and the only good song on GD's new album. Needless to say, I downloaded this song. The album sucked.

This tied with, Good Riddance, Scattered, Pulling Teeth, Redundent, The Grouch, Hitchin' A Rid, Nice Guys Finish Last, Basket Case, Welcome To Paradise, and All The Time is Green Day's best songs.
Boulevard is the only song on American Idiot that measures up to GD's classic songs.
by Okita-Kun June 27, 2005
Best ever song by Green Day
I walk this empty street on the boulevard of broken dreams where the city sleeps an i'm the only one an i walk alone
by Broco May 04, 2005

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