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Adjective: Purchased, bought rather than home made.

Frequently used in association with the word "store."

Archaic, rural usage derived from the obsolete past participle of the verb to buy.
My skirt was store boughten, not home made.
by Ann Pearl Owen April 02, 2008
Food (usually dessert) when purchased at a store instead of being home-made.
Boughten cake, boughten tarts.
by Sarah Blumel February 08, 2004
A false definition of the word beaten. Mainly used by Scandinavian guys with insane obessions for obscene pornography and synthesizers, most of them are named Eric.
He was boughten as a child, I was boughten.
by Alessandro Highmountain September 09, 2007
Past tense of bought or buy
Q: Did you buy the beer?
A: Yeah! I boughten it yesterday.
by Anonymous April 19, 2003
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