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High Class; acting rich or used to the finer things life has to offer
That hoe needs to stop actin boughie everybody knows she frontin.
by John Paul February 28, 2005
Abbreviation for boughetto; derived from the terms bourgeois and ghetto: middle class ghetto
Darrell keeps his Ipod in a Crown Royal Bag; he is boughie as hell.
by Miss Priss October 25, 2005
a stuck up person who thinks they're better than others.
i dont know what's wit Laquesha. ever since she got a new boyfriend, she started actin all boughie.
by yay area baby May 28, 2005
Acting stuck up or better than. Stuck on one's self.
She acting boughie, just because she drive a Benz.
by Mrs.TalkIt April 09, 2014
1.Knowing you ghetto tryna act like you were born in Beverly Hills. 2. Too cool for school wit your swapmeet Gucci Bag. 3. Someone who forgot where they came from.
You ask your homegirl to come kick it, she says, "Do you mean come hang out"? Your reply "Bitch, stop actin boughie, we was just kickin it yesterday"!
by MlSSRuBy June 13, 2010
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