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1)half boy half girl
2)also a sheenizzle
as the she-man walked by the people were like WHOA!!!!!!!
by sheen March 24, 2005
snobby, stuck up, thinking you are better than everyone else
That girl is boughi with her gucci dress.
by Sheen August 10, 2003
1.a girl with a big afro
2.a girl that likes big guys
the sheenizzle said "WHOA" because the big guy turned her on.
by sheen March 24, 2005
1)a person with a large afro
2)loves big guys
comes from a she-man
by sheen March 24, 2005
something that is nice
" Yo B, u see dat t.b.? Itz da shiznickle!"
by Sheen January 10, 2005
The most attractive,hottest & sexiest man alive!!!!!!!!!!
1: John and Abeiseck seem to always have jealousy against Dino.

2: Dino will marry a Princess.

3: Dino will become the best actor in history.
by Sheen December 09, 2003

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