see botty boy
A derogatory term used to describe someone or something that is queer, homosexual, slightly odd or not fashionable.
Often someone who is camp is referred to as being or acting botty.
i.e. They like it up the botty/bottom.
A botty man is someone who appears to be camp or not up to date with style.
Also can be used as a word to describe a nerd or geek.
You walk and talk like a botty!
His hair is so botty!
Haha! That nerd is such botty man!
I bet Carl, Simon and Jeremy like to have three way botty sex!
by ressurectionjoe September 21, 2005
Shortened version of "bottom" referring to the rear end.
"I hurt my botty - whaaaaaaaaaaaaa :'("
by 14/88 May 24, 2007
A cold beverage, generally lager or Jager, enjoyed in the presence of a fellow LC (Loose Cannon)
'TLC, you getting on the botty tonight LAD?'
by jjw October 17, 2012

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