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A vacation where you spend time every day logging in to email and checking voice mail. "fake" + "vacation" = "faycation"
Melanie went away to Aruba for a week, but she spent hours each day working during her faycation.
by chicagodom April 10, 2009
A word to describe all the desirable traits in a woman, usually a burlesque performer; "hot" + "body" + "bottom" = "bottie".
Scarlett is a fantastic burlesque performer; a real bottie.
by Chicagodom October 26, 2011
The act of following or friending a random person on a social media site (e.g. Twitter) with the sole purpose of promoting a business or cause. Spam + follow = spamollow
Melanie, a self-described bisexual, latex loving porn star, could not figure out why @WeLoveJesus started following her on Twitter. She hates when people spamollow her, so she blocked them.
by chicagodom May 30, 2012

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