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1) Someone who prefers to take a more submissive role in sexual situations. This definition pertains to the B/D/S/M (Bondage and Domination, Domimation and Submission, Sado-Masochism) scene.

2) A homosexual male who either a) enjoys receiving anal penetration or b) is activeluy involved in being anally penetrated.
1) You can tell she's a bottom because she's wearing a collar.

2) Oh, Jeff is such a bottom. As soon as any cute guy walks past he's on his back with his knees by his ears!
by DocLightning November 09, 2004
When you go to a party with an Empty pop bottle and get everyones skunk piss/bottom of drinks.
Person 1: I call bottoms
Party: Man thats sick as fuck.
Person 1: but it gets you balls deep in drunkness.
by whty February 09, 2008
bottom describes the activities of two sad 'pithtic winkers' who do no work, achieve nothing in their lives but looking for crumpet and beating each other with frying pans / fire extinguishers / forks / umbrellas
Eddie & Richie (pithtic winkers from Bottom)
Luke & Ben (pithtic winkers from Belgium)
by Ben & Luke November 17, 2006
A jazz term meaning "bass."
Throw on some 70's era Miles Davis, it's got a lot of bottom.
by madprophetrix July 04, 2003
When one calls bottom and rolls the dice, the number that appear on the bottom of the dice counts.
"Bottoms" (Sabba rolls dice, 1 shows on top). I win -Sabba

"Bottoms rules"
by Eugene Parkman August 13, 2006
The underside of an object; opposite from the top
We cannot see the bottom of that pit.
by Grant March 05, 2005
The back end of the human body.

Also see "rectum"
"Hello please, would you like to spank my bottom?"
by Dr A. Ris February 14, 2003
Probably the shittiest and least potent form of marijuana, bottoms are usually found by the garbage bag full after plant trimming at grow-ops. Dried-up, leafy, and seedy, bottoms must be smoked in massive quantities to feel high. Consumption is followed almost immediately by vicious burn out. Also characterized by a stale and putrid flavour.
So shitty looking that they would not even be suitable for selling to oblivious kids on the street.
I dont have any buds but my bro was clipping plants last night and has a freezer bag full of bottoms we could smoke all night.
by timboooo September 03, 2006

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