Probably the shittiest and least potent form of marijuana, bottoms are usually found by the garbage bag full after plant trimming at grow-ops. Dried-up, leafy, and seedy, bottoms must be smoked in massive quantities to feel high. Consumption is followed almost immediately by vicious burn out. Also characterized by a stale and putrid flavour.
So shitty looking that they would not even be suitable for selling to oblivious kids on the street.
I dont have any buds but my bro was clipping plants last night and has a freezer bag full of bottoms we could smoke all night.
by timboooo September 03, 2006
Substitute for a "jack-ass" or an "ass"; describing someone who is stupid
That Jill she is a real bottom! Can't she read what the sign says?
by KadinaJames April 21, 2006
A place were shit comes out of, and is also used in sex, gay and normal but it mostly used for shiting.
timmy had anal and after went 4 a banging shit on the bog whelst his boy friend tost him off
by MR gOTH March 25, 2005

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