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A thing, or person that is today's hot item and is gone tomorrow. From the way a bottle rocket shoots into the sky goes bang and is gone. A one hit wonder.
Some people think Obama is a bottle rocket, only time will tell.
by wjc April 13, 2008
the act of doing a girl from behind (doggystyle, when suddenly an erect penis is jammed into the girls tight butthole, and to her dismay, so surprised to feel a hardened penis enter such an orifice so quickly and unexpectedly, she becomes so shocked and frightened, where she then rampently shoots across the room, much like a bottlerocket would do when ignited.
stated quite clearly in the defn
by Ross January 24, 2004
The act of unzipping your pants and injecting your penis into a zoo animal and busting chunks into it.
Shay sure taught that animal a lesson by bottle-rocketing it!

Hey is that Shay? Yea thats shay he bottle-rockets animal's.
by iamgodwhoareyou October 20, 2011
When you need to shit so bad but you're in a car. So you take a wide lipped bottle and drop it there instead.
"Oh god I've got to drop a bottle rocket" *grabs bottle and holds under asshole. Proceeds to shit in to it*
by Fishy1129 September 22, 2015
Combining a high-caffeine energy drink with Thin Lizzies aka psychiatric medication.
Pete: Anthony's crazy ass fool, last night he drank over four rockstars and popped a pill with each one.
Marcus: yeah, man that's called a bottle rocket.
by WardenMic February 10, 2008
during sexual intercourse in cowgirl position one wraps their arm around the girl's waist, and runs the other up the back into their hair. Once secure thrust rapidly and as hard as possible. When you finish thrust your hips up strongly and release her waist and hair, launching her off of your penis. You may choose to yell "Happy New Year!" "Happy Birthday!" or any other festivity where one may launch off a bottle rocket.
Remember to turn slightly to the side as to make sure she does not land on you in her dissent.

See Sparkler
"yup I did the bottle rocket...she went like 6 feet up...I yelled 'HAPPY NEW YEAR!' "
by Jekyl January 02, 2010
Shooting your load into someones beer bottle and them drinking it without knowing it's new contents.
"Joe, look at that chick. I just gave her a bottle rocket and she's about to drink it."
by Dick McPlenty April 22, 2003
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