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5 definitions by WardenMic

A Yoruba word that translates into English as 'cool'.
Malcolm X and Samuel L. Jackson modern day examples of itutu.
by WardenMic February 10, 2008
Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, & Oklahoma. Connected to the Spanish words 'lado' and 'lato'.
Jake: You here about Dan? He got out of Cali.
Frank: Where to?
Jake: Da lato.
by WardenMic March 29, 2008
Someone who txts, e-mails, or writes in both English and Spanish.
Marquez: Damn, ese... you was all up on the muchacha güero wid the mas chi chis.
Damien: What the hell Marquez, you know I can't read Spanish.
Marquez: You need to get down wid da mestexto, homie.
by WardenMic March 17, 2008
Combining a high-caffeine energy drink with Thin Lizzies aka psychiatric medication.
Pete: Anthony's crazy ass fool, last night he drank over four rockstars and popped a pill with each one.
Marcus: yeah, man that's called a bottle rocket.
by WardenMic February 10, 2008
Slang for psychiatric drugs such as anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. Derived from the term Thizzle.
Before he hit up that party, Marco popped a Thin Lizzy.
by WardenMic February 10, 2008