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same as a knobhead, derived from playground slang in the NW of England in the 1980's
Don't do that you bosshead
by SpunkyMonkey January 16, 2003
Boss head is when a female gives a male a bj.
Just cuz u give boss head doesnt mean your a bossbitch.
by Victoria916 September 09, 2006
A massive cone shaped spliff
"whoah! thas a bosshead!"
by Scaredtoleavethehouse June 14, 2009
A boss head is the reference given to a considerably large spliff. Often characterised by its formidable appearance, a boss head is considered the ideal joint for any occasion.

Ways of spotting a boss head:

- The spliff has a very tapered design with one end measuring 1cm or more in diameter
- The person smoking it appears to be in a blissful place
- (or depending on the user) The person smoking it appears to have had enough and is eager to pass the spliff to the next person
Darren: “Timmy what the hell are you smoking? It looks like a torpedo!!”

Timmy: ”this my friend is a boss head!”
by psilo-phoria January 17, 2010
jet lag you get from flying LAX (Los Angeles) to BOS (Boston).
Dude that 6 hour flight from Cali got me so boss head.
by jerkyturkey December 12, 2007