(1) chocolate syrup

(2) Richard jeni's imaginary friend

(3) a dog who was mayor in California
Person 1: I always put Hershey's chocolate syrup on my ice cream
Person 2: maann, you need some bosco on that shit boy!
(2) Richard jeni: I have an imaginary friend named bosco!
Crazy lady: YOU KNOW BOSCO?!?
Person 1: did you know there was a DOG for mayor in Cali?
Person 2: your so full of shit.
by bonshaquitalafondria May 25, 2012
To be sexually inappropriate in the office environment
He bosco'd last friday after lunch. I think they may fire him
by Elaine Nigma December 04, 2008
1. To engage in sexual intercourse with another man
2. To thrust with force
Thompson crosby was boscoed in the ass, when he went to a school full of homosexuals.
by Slimxthug October 01, 2006
an imaginary person who is anorexic, fat, depressed, spasmodic, and originally created on a teachers whiteboard as a meaningless blob with a face. he will soon be killed by bartholomew.
bosco must die! perferably being strangled w/a garden hose
by someone June 27, 2003
Don Bosco is also a Catholic high school in Toronto.
Don Bosco's senior football team lost again.
by RCI21 December 20, 2004
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