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A Silly Man who thinks he is undefinable. There by defining himself as the undefinable. This paradox is known as a Boscoe.
The Undefinable defined by saying the Undefinable. Thereby becoming a Boscoe.
by Not Bear March 04, 2008
The most wonderful cat a person could ever ask for. he is he only bites people occasionally. Typically weighing over 20 lbs.
Look at that gorgeous cat!...Must be a Boscoe
by Chelsealovesboscoe January 27, 2009
A man who is a professional negrotarian. He eats pretty much anything that is stereotypical of black people.
Grin: Do you ever eat anything than chicken and orange soda? Boscoe: Shrimp!
by Not Grinnar March 05, 2008

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