Don Bosco is also a Catholic high school in Toronto.
Don Bosco's senior football team lost again.
by RCI21 December 20, 2004
Top Definition
Bosco is a chocolate syrup that you use to flavor milk or put on ice cream. I had never heard of it until it was used in an episode of Seinfeld called "The Secret Code." Bosco was George's favorite drink and he used it as the secret passcode for his ATM card. Much hilarity ensued.
George: Hi. I-I really should be getting back to my fiancé, you know, we, uh, we had this big fight yesterday and, uh, well she, she wants to-to know my secret code. I-I don't know, I can't tell her. The funny thing is, you know, I would really love to tell someone 'cause it's killing me. You uh, you wanna know what it is? It's Bosco. You know, the chocolate syrup? I love that stuff, I pour it in milk, it's my favorite drink. Hoo-hoo, boy, that is a relief!
by jennygirl April 01, 2004
The coolest character on "Third Watch" Played by Jason Wiles.
Bosco will kick you're ass!
by man on computer November 07, 2005
An evil ginger haired puppet that deranged the minds of a generation
Did you see Bosco on TV last night, he's a fly mofo
by Nick Geoghegan March 19, 2005
Getting rudely slapped in the face with a penis, preferably one that is "flard"
"John Boscoed me at the lunch table the other day while I was eating my bosco sticks!"
by Sara Angela Michaels July 10, 2008
adj. word that means awful to the worst extent
n. a person or thing who is like that
You are sooo annoying.
Yeah, dont be so bosco.
by shupafly9 December 05, 2010
(v.) To out-skank a skanking skank at their own game.

see also: skanking, definition #8
One of these days I am going to bosco the hell out of some skank.
(1) chocolate syrup

(2) Richard jeni's imaginary friend

(3) a dog who was mayor in California
Person 1: I always put Hershey's chocolate syrup on my ice cream
Person 2: maann, you need some bosco on that shit boy!
(2) Richard jeni: I have an imaginary friend named bosco!
Crazy lady: YOU KNOW BOSCO?!?
Person 1: did you know there was a DOG for mayor in Cali?
Person 2: your so full of shit.
by bonshaquitalafondria May 25, 2012
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