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Son of Steward Denethor II of Gondor, and elder brother of Faramir, Captain of the Ittlien Rangers. He journeyed to Rivendell and joined the Fellowship of the Ring.

Although having the best intentions to use the Ring to aid Gondor in the struggle against Sauron and the armies of Mordor, He didnt realize that the Ring would corrput all who desired it.

Boromir assaulted Frodo in the woods of Amon Hen for possession of the Ring, but soon thereafter realized his geat-mistake. Boromir then redeemed himself by fending off hordes of Orcs to save Merry and Pippin, but was eventually killed, and Merry and Pippin kidnapped.
Boromir was one of the most honorable characters in all of Lord of the Rings, but people cant see past his attempt to possess the Ring. He died valiantly and with honor.
by skillz12387 March 19, 2004
A character from Lord Of The Rings. A member of the Fellowship of the Ring, who along with Aragorn represented the race of men in the attempted destruction of Ring of Sauron.
Was going to simply walk into Mordor, until he took three arrows to his chest.
Boromir: "One does not simply walk into Mordor!!
by Saphira44 January 03, 2012
Boromir, older brother to Faramir, and the eldest son of Denethor.

He was a member of the fellowship, until Lurtz killed him. Because he tried to take the one ring, many people believe him to be one of the 'bad' characters, and he is often portrayed as the chauvanist or sarcastic jerk in fanfiction.

The truth is that he was used by Tolkien to show that anyone, even those with the best of intentions, or the strongest of wills, could be seduced by the ring's power.

And no matter what anyone says, even if they say what he did was dishonorable, he redeemed himself in the end by sacrificing himself to try and save Merry and Pippin.
I am tired of Legolas/Aragorn/Frodo fangirls writing romantic fiction about how Boromir was dishonorable; they obviously haven't read the books or can't analyze characters very well.
by Theaphelia March 03, 2004
Member of the Fellowship of the Ring who, with Aragorn, represented the race of men in the attempted destruction of The One Ring of Sauron.
Boromir died trying to save Merry and Pippin.
by EJL January 23, 2004
Boromir is a casuality of Tolkien's primary conceit: that the One ring is conceivable.
Don't fuck with Boromir.
by Boromir January 30, 2005
To venture on an epic quest while stoned
That kush got us so spanked on Wednesday that we Boromired real hard to Chipotle and back on foot.
by Timo the Retard December 13, 2008
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