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Sitting in an office all day and filing, copying or scaning something or looking up addresses in a phone directory and writing down EVERY company cause your boss has nothing else to give you
Boss:Grab a directory and look up company names and copy them down.
Me: That is so boring

Boss:Go to the filing room and organize the files alphabetically and by year
Me: BORING!!!!
by Rifa J July 28, 2009
What it's like to talk to a typical Canadian. Blame the CRTC and CanCon. They aren't allowed to watch TV unless it's a Canadian program. Most Canadians are not funny. That's why they quote a beer commercial from 10 years ago and think they're awesome.
I am Canadian, therefore I am boring and quote beer commercials. What? Molson isn't even Canadian anymore?
by notheone November 25, 2006