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Stands for "know-it-all."
Ugh, he acts like such a kia!
by mirmirladybug October 24, 2012
A person who only puts one definition on Urban Dictionary and then forgets it even exists.
Jake: hey, Bob made a neat dictionary entry on Urban Dictionary. Joe: yeah, but he only made one. He is an urban one-timer.
by mirmirladybug October 31, 2012
Pajama pants with monkey print.
I wore my monkey pants to bed on Friday.
by mirmirladybug October 03, 2012
Something you're not if you're looking this up.
George: I'm not bored
Jack: Well, then why are you looking that up on Urban Dictionary?
by mirmirladybug November 20, 2012
A person who only will publish something on Urban Dictionary only if it includes sex, swear words, or drugs.
I made many perfectly good definitions for Urban Dictionary but those Urban Freaks just don't publish them.
by mirmirladybug November 01, 2012
Obviously, there's no such thing!
Dude, why would you look up rural dictionary in the urban dictionary?
by mirmirladybug October 30, 2012
The show with the theme song where the partridge comes out of the egg, shakes one half of the egg off its butt, and kicks the other half away.
Dude, in the partridge family theme song, why does the partridge get rid of the egg!!?? Obviously an egg on its butt could protect it!
by mirmirladybug November 21, 2012

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