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the reason we're all here, unless you're looking up a dirty/slang word your friend said and you pretended you knew but you're looking it up to see what it means.
Man, i'm so bored right now, i'll go read some urbandictionary definitions.
by bobthehitmandole October 26, 2009
1. a rainbow.
2. an amazing combination of colors that makes you orgasm
dude, look at that colorgasm in the sky.
did you see what Frank was wearing? it was giving me some major colorgasms.
that painting is colorgasmic.
by bobthehitmandole October 15, 2009
to subscribe and rate to a youtube, blogtv, or other similar site.
Please subscrate my show, i need views.
by bobthehitmandole October 28, 2009

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