The reaction of hysterical young female fans to the Swedish tennis player Bjorn Borg
Bjorn Borg has walked onto Centre Court and half the crowd is having a borgasm
by Alekto January 02, 2010
Top Definition
v, 1. To assimilate some very enjoyable sensory data.

n, 2. The experience of borgasming.

A combination of the word orgasm, and the Star Trek species "The Borg".
Iain: Hey Eric, did you see tonights episode of Enterprise? It was stuponfucious. T'pol is so hot, you'd better believe I'd play HER flugelhorn.

Eric: NANO nano... beep beep... keyboard... dual monitors... beep
by Stampy April 15, 2005
a mediocre orgasm; one that is boring. Usually occurs when a woman's vagina is extremely wide or fugly. Also, when masturbating, the man is not very horny and is just trying to pass time.
"dude your girlfriend's so fucking fat and ugly, i just had a borgasm last night. it wasnt that great. find a hotter girlfriend so i can have a better time fucking her."
The groaning like noise that is emitted from a person while being bored. Usually done while waiting in line, it is very close in sound to an orgasm.
1. Gahhhhhh. could this line move any slower? <br>
2. Alex borgasmed like 10 times while we waited in line.
by Paul Richard November 06, 2007
1) When someone is at their peak of boredom and he/she is about to go insane.

2) When someone has a very boring orgasm.
1) "Hey Chris! I'm having a serious borgasm here! Come over and bring Jordan. We'll make it a borgy!"

2) "I guess I'll just have a borgasm to pass the time!"
by lenovac May 07, 2010
The act of being so bored, you just HAVE to do something
oh my gawd, my dad made me go to church and i nearly had a borgasm
by chris182 January 14, 2009
A word used to describe the opposite of an orgasm. When a guy is getting really into it and thrusting away, while the girl is thinking of a shopping list. The guy has a great orgasm while the girl is left with a borgasm.
Mike was railing the shit out of Mary and had a monster explosion while all Mary had was a borgasm.
by Why I Oughta! August 12, 2011
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