A word used to describe the opposite of an orgasm. When a guy is getting really into it and thrusting away, while the girl is thinking of a shopping list. The guy has a great orgasm while the girl is left with a borgasm.
Mike was railing the shit out of Mary and had a monster explosion while all Mary had was a borgasm.
by Why I Oughta! August 12, 2011
A moment when you realize you are extremely bored. Similar to a FML moment.
wow, i was at joey's the other day, we were watching re-runs of who wants to be a millionaire all day, it gave me a borgasm.. fml
by theoinkster August 27, 2009
Right before coming, shove the borat DVD in a bodily opening and start quoting borat in a bad accent.
Last night i borgasmed that bitch! Very Nice!
by tabtab December 12, 2007
The act of getting rilly confused, vomitting, or mispronouncing of a word. Usually induced my extreme intakes of alcohol.
Friend1: Man, playing football is rilly confusing
Friend2: You must be having a borgasm or something, dude
by Jazoon April 07, 2006
Nickname to people with the last name Borgmann!
Hey Borgasm, hows it goin?
by Nick Borgmann May 05, 2005
An extremely horrible sexual experience with an extremely ugly woman.
Oh damn, I think I just had a borgasm with that ugly hag. Baaaarrrfff..
by Ben March 06, 2005

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