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the point when the Borg start to assimilate you.
Capt'n Picard had a borgasm
by Christopher W. Henderson December 01, 2008
5 5
v, 1. To assimilate some very enjoyable sensory data.

n, 2. The experience of borgasming.

A combination of the word orgasm, and the Star Trek species "The Borg".
Iain: Hey Eric, did you see tonights episode of Enterprise? It was stuponfucious. T'pol is so hot, you'd better believe I'd play HER flugelhorn.

Eric: NANO nano... beep beep... keyboard... dual monitors... beep
by Stampy April 15, 2005
72 26
a mediocre orgasm; one that is boring. Usually occurs when a woman's vagina is extremely wide or fugly. Also, when masturbating, the man is not very horny and is just trying to pass time.
"dude your girlfriend's so fucking fat and ugly, i just had a borgasm last night. it wasnt that great. find a hotter girlfriend so i can have a better time fucking her."
36 15
The groaning like noise that is emitted from a person while being bored. Usually done while waiting in line, it is very close in sound to an orgasm.
1. Gahhhhhh. could this line move any slower? <br>
2. Alex borgasmed like 10 times while we waited in line.
by Paul Richard November 06, 2007
24 11
1) When someone is at their peak of boredom and he/she is about to go insane.

2) When someone has a very boring orgasm.
1) "Hey Chris! I'm having a serious borgasm here! Come over and bring Jordan. We'll make it a borgy!"

2) "I guess I'll just have a borgasm to pass the time!"
by lenovac May 07, 2010
8 3
The reaction of hysterical young female fans to the Swedish tennis player Bjorn Borg
Bjorn Borg has walked onto Centre Court and half the crowd is having a borgasm
by Alekto January 02, 2010
7 2
The act of being so bored, you just HAVE to do something
oh my gawd, my dad made me go to church and i nearly had a borgasm
by chris182 January 14, 2009
11 7