Home Depot stores, sometimes used as a name for other big box hardware/home supply stores.
I went to The Borg to buy a nail gun
by Rico September 12, 2003
Big organisation: could refer to gang culture or a business in general.
'The company i work for are a B.ORG.'
by Sammie Wills February 19, 2012
to radically improve on the look and performance of a subaru
"oh my god, check out the triple tips! that wrx has been borgsed"
by Trevor Graham January 18, 2007
Some one who does something or buys something that has a negitive affect, not knowing the harm it causes (Borgs tend to drive big SUVs, not knowing the pollution they cause).

A borg is controled by the media or a popular celebrity/person. Borgs also try to get OTHER people controlled by the same source (This is called assimulation) Most of the preps and/or bullys are borgs.

A borg is ONLY comfortible around other borgs. Most borgs tease "geeks" and "nerds" for this reason.

Cheerleaders, preps, and bad parants are usually, but not always, borgs.
Crow: "I saw some person driving a big SUV, you should of seen the pollution it caused, the whole area that car had covered was nearly black!"

Zeesky: "Dammit, I hate those darn borgs!"
by Zsky2 August 02, 2005
Today it's called Microsoft.
One day, Microsoft will become the Borg and we will all be forced to run Windows 95.
by trekkie June 25, 2003
A person who is trying to be some one they're not by copying other people. Borgs tend to try to get OTHER people in the same trend, to make them seem cooler. This term is based on the Borgs from Star Trek, as they all do the same things and don't consider themselves individuals. They tend to copy preps to the point of the two being almost exactly alike. Most people who tease others about their label, ideas, or about anything else are usually Borgs, trying to get OTHER people to be like them. It's possible to be teased into being a Borg.
While Sally was a prep by choice, Susan tried to become a prep in order to be as popular as Sally. They were the only preps in the school, and they started to become less popular, so Susan tried to get other people to be preps by bullying them out of their current opinions.
by Zsky2 July 29, 2005
Microsoft, the monopoly who forces the world to use its software, when products like Linux are obviously superior. Borg's software is full of security holes.
Borg's software is full of security holes like Swiss cheese is full of regular holes.
by Locutus of Borg August 18, 2004
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