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3 definitions by Sawgrin

People that wear bluetooth headsets even when they arent on the phone. It makes people look more like robots than humans.
"Look at that borg sitting over there."
by Sawgrin March 21, 2007
52 7
The Juggalo rapper or a term for getting your throat slit.
"He's dead. Someone gave him a Sawgrin."
by Sawgrin March 21, 2007
8 0
Current crop of hip hop songs/artisits with heavily synthesized vocals and lyrics always talkin' about shorties and the club. Just turn on your local hip-hop station and you'll hear it. Everyone wants to sound like a robot from the future nowadays.
"Someone call 911, shorty fire burnin' on the dance floor!"

Artists like T-Pain, Sean Kingston make shorty music.
by sawgrin September 04, 2009
8 2