In some cases, borf can be a insult to someone. Recent usage of the word has included the definition as being "every disgusting adjective you could ever think of, and put it in front of penis."

It could also be used as a verb by "disconnecting someone from a system with warning". You can also be "borfed" from software dropping carrier due to a bug.

The origin of the word is unknown but it has been used since at least 1982.
Verb: You got borfed!
Insult: You're a morbidly obese borf!
by googleplex53 December 11, 2007
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An alias for a brilliant Urban artist, that used stencils, and spray paint to deface walls, lamp posts, side-walks, and etc , in the USA's capitol city , Washington, DC.
The cafe wall got Borf-ed last night.

"Borf writes letters to your children."

Did you see Borf's latest work?
by Taqwa August 09, 2005
Borf is everything.
Borf is anything.
Borf is good.
Borf is bad.
Borf is whatever you want it to be.
This entry is Borf.
"She's Borf!" Shes Fit/ugly/ anything!
"This is Borf" This is boring/fun/ anything!
"I'd Borf That!!!" I'd shag/hit/pull that
"BORFBORFBORF" Show of anger/disgust/happiness
by BORF CREW February 18, 2008
An ogurt term used to describe sexual intercourse.
"Dude, that chick is totally blowing up my junk. She wants to borf me."

"Angelina Jolie? I would totally borf the hell out of her..."
by adamogron July 10, 2008

Borf means everything that is good in the world,
The way to Borf: If Some thing is good or you see a fellow Borfer / Borfette
raise your hand in the and bend your wrist inwards towards ya body and shout;
Spread the Borf! man!!!
by H004 May 10, 2008
1. A word to describe someone who is very unattractive, gross, and ugly.

2. It may also be used to describe someone when you don't like their behavior, especially if they kill you in a video game.

- "She's a borf. You wouldn't want to see her"


-Andrew: "what?"
- Paul: "This borf just killed me"
by arrte July 25, 2014
Borf; A word to replace all words.
What the borf are you doing?
by Borf Man September 13, 2011
another word used for fuck or any derogatory term

used by nick and james
last night i borfed that chick so hard i flooded the bedroom
by James Colllins October 24, 2007

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