In some cases, borf can be a insult to someone. Recent usage of the word has included the definition as being "every disgusting adjective you could ever think of, and put it in front of penis."

It could also be used as a verb by "disconnecting someone from a system with warning". You can also be "borfed" from software dropping carrier due to a bug.

The origin of the word is unknown but it has been used since at least 1982.
Verb: You got borfed!
Insult: You're a morbidly obese borf!
by googleplex53 December 11, 2007
The LOOSE expulsion of gas through the anal or vaganal passage. Usually the opposite of a sbd (silent but deadly) these sometimes have the ability to be EXPLOSIVE. So look out!
"HOLY CRAP! I JUST BORFED!" yelled Michael
by Charlie Chode November 24, 2007
(noun, adjective, verb) to screw up, to be a screw up, or to be screwed up. An all purpose word - usually negative.
"I forgot my ID at home! I totally borfed it!"
Or a response to hearing that someone did something stupid -"BORF!"
"Did you see that game were the magic blew a 30 point lead? That was borf."
by Rachel211 May 05, 2006
A mental state, usually achieved by a spiritual nirvana when meditating using Hentai Manga, pr0n movies, pr0n pictures, Hentai Movies and Pedophilia..
Borf literally means "A-man-that-surpassed-pervertism", or "He-who-can-get-stiff-over-a-box-of-cheese"... In one word, awful =\
Lord of Perverts, hentai King, Kama Sutra.
by Tubi! ^_^ July 28, 2003
a word to describe a surprising positive moment
or feeling

to be said with extreme enthusiasm and a brotherly hand shake
to show great friendship and sign of bonding
dude thats borf
friend 1: you get the beer
friend 2: yes
friend 1: BORF!!!(brotherly handshake)
by Steve-o334 September 05, 2007
The loose sounding expulsion of air from the vaginal canal. Surprisingly guys can borf as well. When you have a "BIG FART" those things can just barrel out of there. The same applies for a girl, except out her va-j-j.
"As i walked home from Silver Lake restaurant, i felt as if something didnt apply right with my stomach-BORF!" also theres the after sex borf. "that was amaz-BORF!" "uhh...fucking gross." said brendan
by Charlie Chode November 23, 2007
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