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Being so bored and tired that your mind goes into a different state and all of a sudden everything is hilarious.
Boredism is not exactly just being bored. It's more of a state of mind thing. See boredism is when you have past being bored and tired. You know how after you stay up all night and you have nothing to do and are really tired but can't sleep. Then all of a sudden you hit a spiritual state of mind, almost like a residual high, suddenly everything becomes funny and you get the giggles and can't stop laughing. well that is the great state of boredism. No weed is intended before reaching this.
by Gabriel tyson August 12, 2012
the perpetual state or feeling of being bored or unentertained
Person 1: "MrBean (Jacob Morris) has boredism."
Person 2: "How can you tell?"
Person 1: "Hes killing noobs :/"
MrBean: "DIE NOOBS!!!"
A Group of Noobs: *DEATH*
by Jacob Morris June 07, 2007
A religion that you may belong to and not know it, as to be a bore-dite you just have to be bored alot.
"Boredism is boring."
"Of course it is, if it wasn't you wouldn't be a bore-dite."
by Lovick December 13, 2009
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