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extremely bored.
I am boreded.
by Nichirin June 29, 2004
Hyper and extremely bored at the same time.
I am bornerdeded! HEHEHEH!
by Nichirin June 30, 2004
the opposite of "burn". When one is praised, you say, DAMPEN!
Person A: Dude that's cool.
Person B: DAMPEN!!!!!!
by Nichirin November 15, 2006
To put a hot dog on one's head.
Go fluck yourself.
by Nichirin June 30, 2004
LAR - Stands for Lost And Retarded.
You are LAR!
by Nichirin June 30, 2004
expresses lack of interest, boredom, indifference.
1: I died today...
2: Eh.
by Nichirin June 30, 2004

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