what i am right now since i got nothin to do.
god damnit. i got nothing to do. i'm soooo bored
by pip March 02, 2005
You looked this up because you were bored and randomly typed 'bored' into the search box in the hope to kill your boredom and have just found out it didn't work. That is the definition of bored.
If you really are bored, the answer is get off the PC and go get some fresh air!
by Lana (is cool) October 28, 2008
Brink of insanity. Actually capitalized letters to take up time while typing. How you feel now, and how you'll feel twenty years from now.
Person 1-How r u?
Person 2-I'm so damn BoReD.
by Kay~ August 22, 2007
to have nothing to do
you are probably bored right now.
Jessica:omg im so bored!!. this class is so boring
Nicole:yah i know theres nothing to do
by NickyBeeReal April 19, 2007
a thing u say when you have nothing to do.
brette: wuts ya doing
mackenzie:n2m just bored
by macketteemmerly November 30, 2007
Defines the emotional state you are in if your looking this up.
link hoping and clicking the random button on this site like me, means your bored.
by choonks July 10, 2008
the reason we're all here, unless you're looking up a dirty/slang word your friend said and you pretended you knew but you're looking it up to see what it means.
Man, i'm so bored right now, i'll go read some urbandictionary definitions.
by bobthehitmandole October 26, 2009
usually a time consisiting of nothingness of interest

universally not involving the following:
porn in all shapes and forms
cleaning my loaded AK-47 with a blowtorch and pickaxe
pimping in general
i could do with sum POONTANG i so bored i could rape someone
by that bloke 98 October 05, 2006
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