most commonly used word by evry in the world ever ever cos the whole world is boring
boring i tell u! boring!
by roflator February 25, 2005
Watching for hours hoping it will bring you some form of entertainment.
John "Dude I'm so bored"
Jack " I know, lets watch some youtube"
by AR5734 March 14, 2009
What people are when writing definitions for the word 'bored'.
I think it's pretty obvious, i'm one of the bored people as well.
by fullysickchick May 10, 2008
You know you are "Bored" when you have searched up the word bored on google.
I am so bored, i went onto Urban dictionary and created a deff. for the word bored.
by a Bored dude. March 23, 2011
what you are because you looked up bored in the dictionary.
Im so bored,im gonna look up bored in the dictionary.
by Bob!11111 July 27, 2009
you looked up the word just like i did...enough said
after hours of trying to learn the guitar,watching cobrastarship vids on youtube and going on up i end up here searching the word bored because i feel insanley bored right now...and you do to..
by hello to you July 29, 2009
When one finds oneself with a bleak prospect of intimacy and/or coitus and has little to nothing to do as to distract oneself from painfully dwelling on such.
"I'm sick of merely occupying this computer! I'm categorically bored! I need nooky!"
by Chadeo April 18, 2009

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