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A bordism is an equivalence relalation between maninfolds. Two n dimensional manifolds are bordant if their is an n+1 dimensional manifold whose boundary is the disjoint union of the two n dimensional manifolds
A pair of pants is a bordism between the circle and the disjoint union of two circles.
by KoisterKloitch March 09, 2012
30 1
bordism - complete and utter boredom, a state in which you're sitting there falling asleep when you're wide awake.
Little johnny is suffering from utter fucking bordism
by Kurt August 08, 2004
23 14
The Art of being bored , it can be easily be cured by interaction with other people, sleeping it off, shiney things, doing things u wud kill urself for if your friends found out(ex. playing dress-up) or anything else tht will keep your mind off the fact that u have nothing to do
Guy 1: "Heyyy man! i saw a picture of u and ur sister having a teaparty! Your mom just showed me!! U SUCK"

Guy2: "Awwww! i was suffering severe bordism....and she said there was no film in that camera!!"
by UHoh... August 16, 2005
13 17