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1. A slang term often used on the Internet to substitute the word beautiful; something cute, or full of beauty.

2. Something with an excessive amount of beauty; excellent

3. A slang term for a woman who has a large amount of booty.
"Awww, that's so bootyful!"
"Man, that girl is BOOTYful!"
by Wafflecat September 27, 2003
a word used to discribe a beautiful well proportioned ass
one guy say: "Damn homie, you see all dat ass on dat girl?"

other guy replies: "Dammmmmmmn!!!! Man, dat ain't nothing but bootyful."
by TimeLock April 29, 2004
where someone has got a beautiful booty but say it in a way that sounds like beautiful so if they hear u, u can just say beautiful
(Girl walks in front of 2 males)
Male1: Gosh look at that it's bootyful!
Male2: Ye sure is!
Female: What did you just say!!
Male: I said you're beautiful ^^
by JaY Me June 16, 2007
When someone has a nice ass, but you don't want to come off as an asshole trying to get some.
Rachel: He was so nice, he called me beautiful. What was weird though, is he kinda stretched the "e a u" part it almost sounded like "o's".

Christina: Oh no Rach he called you bootyful, not beautiful. He thinks you have a nice ass.

Rachel: He said what now? Oh girl thanks for telling me, avoided that real quick.
by Anonymoose March 28, 2015
The term used when a females butt is better looking then her face
Bro your girl is bootyful.
by Jakeak47 February 01, 2016
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