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A hit of tweak, blow, or other drug taken rectally
After asking me to give her a booty bump, I wondered whether our ensuing intercourse would lead to some second-hand benefit for myself as well.
by uglychild December 11, 2003
544 248
Inserting foreign substances inside your rectum for the purpose of absorbing the active ingredients into ones body. using vasoline or another lubricant to coat the outer edge of the rectum in an attempt to soothe the experience is common.
"dude, where are those rolls?" "ahh man, i just booty bumped 'em, why, did you want some?"
by Timothy Willis June 23, 2005
269 169
The act of putting crystal meth on the tip of ones penis and injecting it through means of the anal cavity of another.
wanna do some meth and most likely have sex?
yeah sure you could booty bump it.
by Never2Methz August 02, 2010
175 121
When you administer a drug intramuscularly through the gluteus maximus muscle also known as the buttox.
I just booty bumped my girlfriend with some ketamine.
by Coaster_FTW May 23, 2009
113 192
When one person purposely bumps another persons booty with their own booty.
I am going to give you a booty bump!
by Ed Solo June 12, 2008
103 340