A fuckin shit american nigger phrase that comes from black hip hop cultures influence on western society. Other words that americans and blacks make up to ruin the english langueage (not to mention make themselves sound like fuckin idiots) include phat, bling and shorty. Although i'm sure that the meaning of all these words vary from council estate to coucil estate, it is basically a stupid word by twats who can't talk and think they're cool.
me: that girl has a nice ass
american black gangsta: bruva dat booty is phat, i wanna see her twat
me: talk normally, your annoyine me
american black gangsta: nah man, if it don't rhyme then its a crime
me: walks away from stupid hip hop loving, mirror staring twat
by hollowaytom October 04, 2006
In ghetto terminology: 1. its another name for a persons butt. 2. It can also mean lame or not cool.
Example 1: Oh man. Look at that girls booty shake when she's on the dance floor..
Example 2: Stan: Dude.. this guy just came up and started dancing with my girl.
Larry: Damnnn. That's so booty.
by Isabella Q. May 13, 2008
Big ol' booty, when a girl got some junk in her trunk
watchu putcha mug on, to saddle up and ride, da juicy lil cantelopes, a girly be havin in da back of her pants
Beyonce, J-lo, Shakira, whatever you want, they all got the booty
by mombubawae April 01, 2006
Where peoples' shit comes from. But for some reason, it's still sexy as hell.
Damn! Look at that booty on her.

Yeah, I'll bet she shat out of it this morning, and she probably did a mediocre job of wiping.

Still would bang it!
by rogerthewhale September 15, 2013
The example word used to demonstrate using square brackets to link to other words on urbandictionary.
In your entry, link to other words using square brackets. For example, booty] will become booty.
by A Little Pinprick August 07, 2006

In the episode 13 of the MSNBC prison documentary series, Lockup, Fleece Johnson, an inmate at the Kentucky State Penitentiary, described booty as "a man's butt". He explains that booty was more important than food and water. When he saw a guy he liked he told him, "I like ya, and I want cha. We can do this the easy way or the hard way, so the choice is yours." The answer was always yes. Fleece Johnson appeared in the TV show The Boondocks as the "Booty Wawiaw".
"I like BOOTY" - Fleece Johnson
by Wooohoooohoooo October 11, 2011
the part of the body that boys love to tuoch
Dat gul kiki got a big booty
by Anisah June 07, 2007
It could mean pirate's treasure but it is usually used for a bitch with a nice ass. A booty is what almost every guy wants!
All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe!!!
by AdomC April 04, 2015

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