Adj. - Something that's disappointing or stupid; Something bad.
Mom - We're going to gattitown for your sister's birthday
Shanaynay - omg nooooooo don't make me
Mom - you have to
Shanaynay - this is so booty

Teacher - Give me your phone
Sara - No
Teacher - Go to the office
Sara - You are so booty
by gsbc4l December 30, 2013
The best part of a girl's body and another word for ass or butt. It's something that you feel and touch in a girl's body.
damn, that girl got a nice booty.
by Tshawn Biggs February 24, 2006
1. From Middle English "botye" (advantage) < Middle Lower German "bute" (exchange)

Also swag, plunder, and loot, this term had its heydey with the pirating adventure novels in the style of Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island". Now used only in this sense by the gaming, noveau-academic, and musically-inclined social circles, it can refer to the objects obtained, including but not limited to coin and cash, valuables, personal effects, and even some of the second definition of the same word, through the sack or otherwise defeat or surrender of the former possessor. In abstract terms, booty can also refer to a sense of victory that can be likened as such.

2. From "1, booty" < Slang

Also butt, ass/arse or behind (among others), denotated as the posterior, usu. that of females, by which the likelihood of sexual attraction and subsequent actions on the parts of both parties are proprotionally determined; this term has gained great use among modern rap artists, although a less directly sexual context appeared as early as the 1970s.
1. Pirates threatened the town with arson, and in return, the citizens surrendered to them much of value - gold, provisions, even a few unwelcome women. The pirates, pleased with their new booty, sailed away and left the town untouched.

2. What I wouldn't give for some of her booty!
by Ivan Komarov August 10, 2006
Another word for the word ass.

Usually used in dance clubs.
That lady has a fine booty dawg.
by Weber February 09, 2005
Fine ass.
"Her booty was so fine."
by Mike February 11, 2004
In ghetto terminology: 1. its another name for a persons butt. 2. It can also mean lame or not cool.
Example 1: Oh man. Look at that girls booty shake when she's on the dance floor..
Example 2: Stan: Dude.. this guy just came up and started dancing with my girl.
Larry: Damnnn. That's so booty.
by Isabella Q. May 13, 2008
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