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n., adj.(sexual):
1. A pleasurable sexual experience. Good sex.

2. A person who excels in sex, and being sexual with them promise a good time to be had by all.
We had such a good lay last night, I turned over and slept like a baby for 13 hours.

Just by the way she walks I can tell you she's a good lay.
by abragag December 05, 2008
1, (original) Another word for pirate treasure.
2. a child's boot or shoe
3. (mostly used) backside, or butt. Usually of the female persuasion. Mostly appealing sexually.
- Professor, What another word for pirate treasure?
- I think its booty. Thats what it is.

Jermiah! Put your booty on, or you'll catch a cold.

Did you caught the booty on that fly girl? damm! Me likey.
by abragag December 05, 2008
Someone who exists on several worlds at the same time, as in a stock broker by day and a punk by night or a hi-tech big wig and a DJ. Usually with aptitude in one or both areas.
"That Eddie, a bridge runner, i tell you. Saw him last night bartending my local bar. Look at him now doing the accounting."

"She's a bridge runner. Saw her giving head behind the dumpster at that club last night, she was so hot, now she wants to fire me?
by abragag December 02, 2008
n., Adj., (sexual): A person who excels in sex, a good lay, a ride, a sex god.
Oh man, Jodi is a rough rider. I should tap that again tonight.

Girli, look at that guy? You think he looks funny, but he's a rough rider, Brenda had him last week. She couln't walk straight for three days. Dibs.
by abragag December 05, 2008
n. A general reference to a person, with no racial, creed or gender problems. Usually has added value of respect and admiration (see def. 1).
Sup ma Ninja

Yo Ninja, how u doin?

Ninja, were u serious about this hook up?
by abragag December 05, 2008
1. A powerful mobster.
2. A rich, mysterious and powerful person, possibly mixed with dangerous doings.
3. A drug dealer, even a small-time weed dude.
4. A person who smokes a lot.
"See that man in the limo? Thats Henry Gee. A red Dragon if I ever seen one."

"I got this baggy from this dragon I know. Best weed ever."

"Davie is becoming such a dragon, I hope he don't get lung cancer."
by abragag December 02, 2008
A general reference to a person, with no racial faux-pas and no remorse, and can be said by anyone to anyone without any feelings hurt by none of the two parties or any third party whatsoever.
Sup ma biggers!

Yo bigger

You are my bigger, and I love you, but shut up already
by abragag December 05, 2008

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