1. a person's rear end, backside, butt, ass, tushy, etc. also called "junk in the trunk," "badonkadonk," "tail feather," etc.
2. sex. also see booty call.
1. damn! that girl has a fine booty.
2. i got me some booty last night.
by missdecember April 07, 2006
Adj. - Something that's disappointing or stupid; Something bad.
Mom - We're going to gattitown for your sister's birthday
Shanaynay - omg nooooooo don't make me
Mom - you have to
Shanaynay - this is so booty

Teacher - Give me your phone
Sara - No
Teacher - Go to the office
Sara - You are so booty
by gsac4l December 30, 2013
Tushie. Your bottom.
Are you checking out my booty?
by Barby August 27, 2005
Anything You can possibly imagine. Can be good or bad, Depending on the situation.
This is so booty.
(Bad situation)
You are my favorite booty.
(good situation)
I wanna tap that booty.
(AMAZING situation)
by ILOVEBOOTY<333 July 10, 2011
Used to describe everyone and everything.
Damn, look at her over there being booty at that booty.

I'm 12 booty.
by zeewatinaho April 19, 2011
The word that Urban Dictionary has for an example of how to link to other words on the add a definition page. You were probably adding some word for the first time and you saw the italicized words under the example box and became curious about their definition or you wanted to see if it was an actual link.
In the boxes above, link to other words with square brackets. For example, booty] will become booty
by ThatFunnyBunnyGirl April 22, 2010
Your ass.
Don't drop any slice of my booty, or I'll have your booty!
by I eat swag for breakfast August 26, 2014

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