Top Definition
1.A male who likes to have intercourse with inatinmate objects.
2.A man who likes to stick his penis and ejaculate into inorganic things.
3.A person who likes to conceal the fact that wanking his dick on his boots.
4.A faggot who likes to think bout fucking stuff and doing it to plastic stuff.
Victor: Sup Chris...!!! OMG !! wtf are you doing.
Chris: HUH?.. oh shit nothing nothing.
CHris: OH SHIT! * runs off holdin his dick stuck in a chair*
by JAMMUU March 05, 2003
a guy who has been caught on many occassions shagging carpets and rubbing his chode on various household items AKA Rob
"dude robs such a bootwanker, he was caught yet again with his chode in the blender"
by *~*psghetti et fleur February 03, 2005

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