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Bootstrap, Acts like Paddy from Max and Paddy
Enjoys Peter Kay and always seems to attract the ladies
"Bootstrap you horney bugger"
by Arronax January 09, 2005
2 80
(n.) An article of clothing which, when yanked upon, will yield a rising of socioeconomic status and an appreciation of one's accomplishments. Often worn with spats, top hat, and monocle.
"Why don't you go get a job, you bum? Why, after graduating from Harvard I pulled myself up by my own bootstraps and, by God, got to where I am today!"
by Jazzy McR February 18, 2007
106 28
(v.) to cause a system (usually a computer system) to build itself; to build something complex by giving a simple instruction. From the concept of "pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps."
That virus crashed (def. 6) my Solaris box (def. 8), so I had to bootstrap it from the CD.
by heikediguoren September 13, 2006
71 17
Boot Strap - Early latin and greek use of the phrase points towards "me gan light a boot strap" ie I am going to light up a large joint.
Boot strap
by EX jungle posse April 12, 2011
3 4
a big, fast, monster who beats people up
bootstrap devoured the city. Bootstrap then banged megan fox.
by Bootsy69 December 28, 2010
8 19
Diving technique that involves a front flip mimed as if you were flipping yourself by pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.
"EL: Bootstrapping? Is that a real thing?
RG: Oh definitely. Look it up on Urban Dictionary."
by FakeSteveJobs September 20, 2010
5 21
When a male - after having sex with a woman - ejaculates on the sole of his shoe then slaps her in the face with it. Also known as a bootstrap bill
I gave Tina a bootstrap last night and it left a funny mark on her face.
by norris1234 July 04, 2007
21 96