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(n.) An article of clothing which, when yanked upon, will yield a rising of socioeconomic status and an appreciation of one's accomplishments. Often worn with spats, top hat, and monocle.
"Why don't you go get a job, you bum? Why, after graduating from Harvard I pulled myself up by my own bootstraps and, by God, got to where I am today!"
#bootstrap #bootstraps #pulling yourself #bootsraps #bootsrap
by Jazzy McR February 18, 2007
(v.) to cause a system (usually a computer system) to build itself; to build something complex by giving a simple instruction. From the concept of "pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps."
That virus crashed (def. 6) my Solaris box (def. 8), so I had to bootstrap it from the CD.
#rebuild #box #software #program #startup
by heikediguoren September 13, 2006
An establishment which one reluctantly visits after a long indecisive search for a pub/club/restaurant/cafe. Selected not for its superiority to previously considered establishments, but as a last resort.

The term bootstrap originated in the UK. When searching for a place to each lunch, many eventually choose to eat a Boots £3.29 meal deal because they have given up searching for alternative that can be agreed upon. A highly available outlet in conjunction with rising hunger levels eventuate in people being caught in a 'boots trap'. Unfulfilled and disappointed, one wishes they picked the cafe they had encountered half an hour ago.

Although its' use traditionally refers to establishments, its' use has often been used to refer to other last resort acquisitions that are subjectively less pleasing than previously rejected (and now unavailable) alternatives. (e.g. buying a car, hooking up at a bar/party).
a. We ended up in a right bootstrap last night.
b. Why? There are so many good bars around that part of town.
a. Yeah I know.. but we couldn't agree on one, and we had been walking around for ages.
#boots-trap #boottrap #last resort #desperate #eleventh hour
by Yelnaaah January 12, 2015
Boot Strap - Early latin and greek use of the phrase points towards "me gan light a boot strap" ie I am going to light up a large joint.
Boot strap
#bootstrap #boot strap #joint #spliff #bob marley #fat one #twenty bag.
by EX jungle posse April 12, 2011
a big, fast, monster who beats people up
bootstrap devoured the city. Bootstrap then banged megan fox.
#monster #booty #fat #big #sexy
by Bootsy69 December 28, 2010
Diving technique that involves a front flip mimed as if you were flipping yourself by pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.
"EL: Bootstrapping? Is that a real thing?
RG: Oh definitely. Look it up on Urban Dictionary."
#jack knifing #diving #belly flopping #penciling #cannonball
by FakeSteveJobs September 20, 2010
Bootstrap, Acts like Paddy from Max and Paddy
Enjoys Peter Kay and always seems to attract the ladies
"Bootstrap you horney bugger"
by Arronax January 09, 2005
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